Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As of June 1, NY State is getting a 5 cent fee on bottled water! This will REALLY cut down on litter. Because there is no incentive to recycle, water bottles (and caps, don't forget the caps) are littered everywhere in NYC, and maybe it is just me but I think especially in Queens. People complain about plastic bags blowing in the wind and clogging the gutter-- I see bottles and caps all over the place. Well, now there is a darned good reason not to toss them, and if you do, someone will probably come along and pick them up for the change.

Better yet, the unredeemed nickels go back to NY State for environmental clean up. Win, win.

Thank you, Albany!

AP Article is here

Now if we can just do something about those #5 PP caps...

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Jen. said...

This is wonderful news! Thanks for the heads up!