Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mother Jones Article - I'm a zealot, but a NICE zealot!

I'm thrilled with the article by Elizabeth Royte (and accompanying photo of me by Erica McDonald) that is in the May/June issue of Mother Jones magazine.

There is just one quote that is a little misleading. It isn't even inaccurate, just missing some information that leads the reader to a wrong conclusion. It is probably a case of what came out of my mouth wasn't as clear as what was in my head. The quote:

"Whole Foods will take the No. 5s," she tells me. Who knew that bottle caps were stamped with recycling numbers? "Look," she says. I squint at the tiny white digit on the tiny white cap. "This is a 2," she says. "I'll have to bring that one uptown to Aveda. They take any rigid cap with threads."

Here's the thing. Aveda doesn't take #2 caps. Like the Gimme 5 program at Whole Foods, Aveda takes caps made of #5 polypropyelene. The difference between the programs? Gimme 5 (Whole Foods in partnership with Preserve) accepts any clean used plastic item stamped with a #5 symbol. Aveda takes caps only, and the cap does not need to be stamped with #5-- because any rigid plastic cap with threads is most likely made from #5 PP. For further details on these great programs, check the links provided.

As for softer #2 caps, well for those we are S.O.L. at the moment. Landfill, ahoy.


Gruppie Girl said...

Congrats on your article!!

Can you post a link?

Gruppie Girl said...

Ooops! Missed the link. Sorry.

Great story. I like how they shot you looking up. Like a green superhero.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo, Juli. And great article. I'm so proud!


Oh, and I'm including you in a post I'm writing for BlogHer... right now.

Juli said...

Beth, can you give a link to your BlogHer post? I confess I had not visited the site till yesterday- there is a lot of content!

Anonymous said...

The post just went up today. It's here: quoted you on alcohol and plastic straws.

:-) said...

I couldn't find a link to your blog on the article, did I miss it? A shame to write such a great article and not include a link!


I just saw the article linked from Beth's site. Fantastic coverage and great news. Enjoy being a zealot you're among friends :-D