Monday, April 20, 2009

Sneaky plastic avoidance tactic

Sunday morning I stopped in a coffee shop for a pre-church gig pick-me-up, and didn't have my mug. I sheepishly ordered a paper cup with no lid and turned away the offered stir stick. All of a sudden I made this little apologetic wince and shrug, saying "Yeah sorry, I'm doing the no plastic thing."

Like everybody's doing it.

Maybe if I pretend "the no plastic thing" is all the rage and just everyone is doing it, it will catch on-- even if I only succeed in fooling myself!


katecontinued said...

ZOMG! I have done exactly the same thing. It is like living in an alternate universe and I must continually remind myself that I am currently an army of one (for all intents and purposes). I even to try to check in with friends and family who still watch television news, go to movies or read newspapers / magazines. I ask them if there are conversations about these things. So far, it is still not as widespread as I hold in my head. Thanks for the observation and the insight.

Jen said...

I love that idea. Why not pretend it's "all the rage"? Maybe more people will jump on the band wagon. We shouldn't have to apologize for trying to reduce landfill garbage, but I do it too.