Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heard back from Pret

A while ago I e-mailed Pret-A-Manger about the packaging they use for food. There is one near my workplace and I knew the warm wraps came in paper while just about everything else came with plastic. Then they started using plastic stickers on the wraps and I was out one lunch option.

Someone got back to me today-- it looks like they are making efforts to winnow down the plastic:

Thanks for taking the time to write us! We really appreciate hearing
from our customers.

We are currently working with our suppliers to look at alternative films
for our packaging, both biodegradable and compostable.

We unfortunately had to change the stickers, as the previous one did not
securely keep the package sealed - which was a food safety concern. We
are having an environmental audit done in the UK. The results will be
coming out with guidelines on how to better improve our environmental

All of our paper bags and napkins are made from recycled materials.
Unfortunately due to regulation, we cannot use recycled materials for
products that come into direct contact with food.

Once again, many thanks for taking the time to send us your query!


Shequan Planes
Customer Relations

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