Friday, April 17, 2009

Unexpected good news from the MTA

Photo: Warga/Daily News

Woot! The MTA just made it easier for all of us to not throw away plastic MetroCards every month. VERY GOOD NEWS. Takes a tiny (teeny tiny) bit of sting out of the rates going up.

Also, this option is a lot more convenient. No more standing on line for a new card while your train is pulling out of the station. Win win.

Here it is in the Daily News:

Straphangers can now buy unlimited-ride MetroCards that last two years - averting the need to stand on line at a token booth or MetroCard vending machine.


The Green Cat said...

This is good news. I wonder if they will be able to eventually link it up with TransitChek. I have the money for my monthly Metrocard taken out of my paycheck pre-tax automatically and I receive a monthly card with my paystub each month. I hope that enough people take advantage of this initial program that they will expand it to TransitChek.

Juli said...

I hope so too! TransitChek is a great program. I used to qualify but don't think I work enough hours at my current office job to get it. I really should look into it with the fare hikes coming. It would mean going back to throwing out a card every month again but-- money. The savings are significant.

The Green Cat said...

Don't you hate that so often we have to choose between spending more money and doing something good for our environment? I wish that the good environmental choices were less expensive (or at least equal) to the bad ones.

Juli said...

The good news is that much of the time, the less expensive option IS better for the environment. Like making fewer trips and using fewer resources, using baking soda instead of harsh cleaners, using what you have, lending and borrowing, repairing and buying things used, and not buying a lot of expensively processed crap and thus foregoing the plastic packaging. But yes, TransitChek/MetroCard is one example where the better environmental choice is more expensive.