Thursday, April 30, 2009

A sign of sea change

You know attitudes are changing when you see an infomercial like this:

I just saw this ad on ESPN during my lunch break. ESPN. That means the company is paying big bucks to saturate their message- they smell big profit.


A word to the wise, though-- from comments on the YouTube page it seems there has been difficulty getting the canteens from this company delivered after ordering. Other stainless steel bottles are already out there and can be purchased in stores, for instance Kleen Kanteens are at Whole Foods.


Billie said...

I looked at EcoCanteen because they were so inexpensive. I ended up purchasing EcoUsuable canteens because they also came in kids sizes. I have little kids (4 and 7) so we really needed something they could carry.

EcoUsuable also had a sale at the time so we ended up getting the adult bottles for under 9$ not including shipping.

I am trying to go less plastic but as the only adult in the household onboard - IT IS DIFFICULT. I say this as I just finished buying 3 cases of plastic bottled drinks (Gatorade and flavoured water) for my husband as he won't drink water.

Juli said...

Billie, I don't envy you. I can easily make changes, because its just me.

I know several people who don't like the taste of plain water, which I think is bizarre, but you can't but you can't put other people's likes/dislikes down- we all have our quirks! But the dislike of plain water makes me think we have been brainwashed by commercials and peer pressure to only like things that come in bottles and cans, and not to trust the stuff from our taps.

Does Gatorade still come in powder form, and would your husband drink it? What about other powdered drink mixes? They still come with plastic, just less of it.

Jen. said...

I've asked about my boyfriend's love of ginger ale, which he guzzles by the gallons per day. He also hates drinking plain water but it's not because the packaging is attractive to him. He just doesn't like the taste of water compared to the fizzy sweetness of ginger ale.

So my partial solution was to make our own ginger ale, which is mostly water with sugar and ginger and lemon juice fermented with yeast. We use his old ginger ale bottles to bottle our homemade stuff

Some people just like flavor or sweetness in their drinks. In that case, I would try chilling a favorite tea with some fruit juice or try using various sweeteners like real maple syrup or molasses or just plain sugar. People are more apt to get excited when they're allowed to experiment for themselves what works for them. They can feel good when they can say, "I made this drink up myself and it tastes great!"