Monday, April 13, 2009

Two public plastic avoidance events

Happy Belated Easter! This past week was Holy Week, a busy one for singers with church jobs. It meant I didn't eat at home very much. But I did pretty well about avoiding plastic, if you don't count things like accepting Girl Scout Cookies from a plastic sleeve and soda from a liter bottle in a paper cup.

One small step for me-- I got my courage up and mentioned my plastic avoidance in public in order to not use or collect any new plastic.

At Patsy's Pizzeria there were leftovers in a paper box that came in a plastic bag. The host graciously took it back to re-use when I said I was trying not to use so much plastic.

At one of my church jobs there was an INCREDIBLE potluck meal after the Saturday Vigil. Food was served onto paper plates with napkins, plasticware and plastic cups. I used my mug for a beverage and asked to go in the kitchen for a metal fork, and explained why. And it wasn't any big deal. I even heard how the church used to have a full service set of china and silverware but they fell into disuse and were sadly given away a number of years ago.

I guess I knew it wouldn't be a big deal, but its still taking me a while to a) remember and b) feel comfortable mentioning my plastic avoidance in public settings. Talking about it in conversation has always been OK, but piping up in restaurants and in social situations to avoid using plastic has taken some mental adjustment on my part. I still feel pretty shy about doing it. Hopefully it will get easier.

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The Green Cat said...

Good for you, Juli! That's great.

There is an Indian restaurant that I frequent. They know when I get a combo plate that I want just the food in the tin with no bags or plastic or anything. Last week I ordered a combo plate and a side of samosas. The samosas are usually packaged up in the kitchen (as opposed to at the counter) with a bag and styrofoam plate and plastic ware. The wonderful ladies who work the counter remembered that I don't want all that stuff and called back into the kitchen to have them wrap the samosas in just foil with nothing else. I was so pleased that they did that automatically for me! (And, as you said, it was no big deal for them!)