Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eco Dent VeganFloss found in NYC

Spotted and purchased from Life Thyme in the West Village. Have you seen this floss in a different store? Please post in comments!

Here is what's awesome about Eco Dent VeganFloss:

- No Plastic Box or blister card. Minimal plastic period- just a small bag around the spool of floss, stickers to seal the box closed, and a plastic core on the spool.
- The spool has 100 yards, instead of 30 or 50 yards. One 100 yd. spool of VeganFloss in cardboard replaces 2-3 1/2 plastic boxes of regular floss

It is also vegan and not tested on animals, which is nice. I got the cinnamon version, and look forward to using it when my two remaining plastic boxes of floss get used up.

1 comment:

Gruppie Girl said...

Great find!

I will have to hunt for some floss in CT too. Now, if I can just remember to use it.