Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where I get my distaste for waste

My dad is in the news! The Emporia Gazette, to be exact. He wrote a feature article about his life-long love for bicycling for the "Shape Up, Emporia!" series, and was quoted in an article about the Multi-use Path Planning Committee, which Dad chairs. The Committee just had a plans approved that will build two recreational paths for use by pedestrians and cyclists.

A quote from Dad's feature article:

Using a bicycle for work meant that our family could manage with one car and saved the cost of the extra auto. My children know that I am a natural Depression-era tightwad and buying unneeded gasoline is a waste. Out of the Depression came a life-long passion for conservation — reduce, reuse, recycle has always been my lifestyle.

...and mine as well. Thank you, Dad, for teaching us your values in the way you live your life. You're the best role model a child could ever have.

The picture is from a family bike trip two summers ago. Dad and I are with my sisters Jonell and Rose and niece Ruth Ann, taking a break at the extreme Northeast Corner of Kansas. From this vantage point you can see Missouri, Nebraska, and supposedly all the way to Iowa on a clear day.

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