Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plastic free peanut butter

...new plastic, anyway.

Last night I went to my friend K.'s house to avail myself of her food processor. Put in salted roast peanuts purchased from the bulk section at Fairway, add a little oil (I used corn oil since I had it already), hit the button and hey presto! Peanut butter!

It is in the plastic jar from my last peanut butter purchase. As you can see, I can't keep my fingers out of it.

NOT ONLY did K. aid me in my peanut butter making, she also made me dinner, a delicious leek & asparagus risotto with local beer, and sent me home with some great items of clothing. She gets more space in her closet, and I get new clothes with no plastic price tags. Win!


Gruppie Girl said...

May I ask how you buy bulk items without a plastic bag?

My glass containers would be too heavy. My reusable bags may not weigh too much.


Juli said...

Hi Gruppie Girl,

I use produce bags from Eco-Bags for my bulk items. They work great! Well, sometimes the stickers fall off, but it hasn't been a problem yet.

Here are two sources for produce bags:



Gruppie Girl said...

Juli~ Would those bags work for items like beans, popcorn and granola?

Juli said...

They work for me. Leave a little room at the top of the bag so you can wrap the drawstring around the outside. That way nothing spills.

Gruppie Girl said...

Thanks a ton!!