Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another plastic recycling option: Caps!

Aveda started recycling plastic caps last September, during the Spring/Summer 2009 New York Fashion Week. Plastic caps are usually made from #5 plastic, and are not collected by the City for recycling. So, in addition to the Park Slope Food Coop and the Take 5 program at Whole Foods, we can drop off our caps at Aveda stores. Has anyone tried this or seen the collection points at Aveda? One advantage to Aveda's program is that they take rigid plastic caps whether there is a #5 symbol on it or not. Here are the details on what they take:

What type of caps do we collect?
The program accepts caps that are rigid polypropylene plastic, sometimes noted with a 5 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol. This includes caps that twist on with a threaded neck such as caps on shampoo, water, soda, milk and other beverage bottles, flip top caps on tubes and food product bottles (such as ketchup and mayonnaise), laundry detergents and some jar lids such as peanut butter.

Excluded from collection are pharmaceutical lids and non rigid lids such as yogurt lids, tub lids (margarine, cottage cheese), and screw on lids that are not rigid. If you can bend or break the lid with your bare hands, than it does not meet the rigid plastic definition. Please do not include any metal lids or plastic pumps or sprayers. Unfortunately, too much of the wrong types of materials can contaminate the recycling process. We appreciate your efforts in keeping it clean!

Full details are here:

Aveda stores in New York City:

10 Columbus Circle STE 308
NEW YORK, NY 10019

10 Grand Central Termina 87 E 42ND ST
NEW YORK, NY 10017

456 West Broadway
NEW YORK, NY 10012

20 Vandam St
NEW YORK, NY 10013

233 Spring Street
NEW YORK, NY 10013


The Green Cat said...

Hey Juli! I've heard of this program but I haven't checked it out yet. Thanks for listing the Aveda locations. I'm not normally near any of them but I'll make it a point to look next time I'm in one of those areas. I'd love to know if anyone can confirm any location with a collection bin.

Juli said...

I called the Columbus Circle and Grand Central stores to ask- they both said yes right away, so it seems like this is a well used program. Many salons use Aveda products, and they may take the caps back as well. If you click the Aveda link and enter your zipcode, you'll see lots of closer locations to you. Worth a try!

The Green Cat said...

Thanks Juli! I pass through Columbus Circle regularly so now I'll collect my caps and make it a point to stop off at the Aveda store to drop them off. Yay!