Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You gonna recycle that?

Just wondering.

Not to pick on President Obama, but wouldn't it be nice if famous people were asked why they drink stuff out of plastic containers, and if they recycle them when they are done?

Just a thought.

[Photo from the AP, by Alex Brandon]


Anonymous said...

Oh, maybe that's why Obama's Elf doesn't want to be his elf anymore.

Seriously, was that photo part of an article? Any idea when it was taken?


Juli said...

It was taken during the campaign-- there are several photos of Obama drinking bottled water from the campaign. Here's where I got the photo.

Juli said...

PS: I like this from

Now Let's Hurry Home Before We Miss Him Walking on Water

Lanky white guy: Well, I'm still expecting my pony from Obama.
Female friend: He cured your leprosy. Stop complaining.

Obligitory plastic content- I picked up 5 caps and one bottle in between the subway and my apartment this afternoon. There was more, but my hands were full. I don't know if my neighbors are slobs or if the sidewalks don't get swept as often since it is a residential area. Probably both.