Monday, February 23, 2009

Lose weight with Plastic!

Scientists at GI Dynamics have come up with a fantastic new technology-- the EndoBarrier, popularly known as the "stomach condom".

That's right, the same technology that starves sea turtles and birds, as well as cows in India can now be applied to humans!

The device is inserted endoscopically. Barbed wire-like rings adhere to a your intestinal wall and a plastic liner is furled out, lining a portion of your intestine.

Voila! Just like those starved turtles, birds and cattle, you too can eat all you want but get little nutritional value, and NOT GAIN WEIGHT. The unknown effects of the chemicals in the plastic lining your intestine are an added benefit!

The EndoBarrier™ is an investigational device. It is currently in clinical trials and is not yet commercially available.

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