Monday, February 23, 2009

Loose bulk spices in NYC?

I emptied a container of cinnamon last night. The jar is #5 plastic, recyclable through Gimme 5. The lid can be taken to Aveda. It leaves me with a larger glass jar of cinnamon that can be refilled when empty.

Do you know of good sources for loose bulk spices in NYC? Porto Rico Importing has a few things (including cinnamon), but from what I recall the selection is limited. The bulk section at Fairway, the best bulk section I've come across in NYC, does not have spices. I haven't been in Kalustayan's recently. Kalustayan's is the spice mecca of NYC. I don't recall seeing loose spices there, but it is worth checking. Chinatown probably has sources as well.


The Green Cat said...

A friend of mine mentioned Integral Yoga Natural Foods on West 13th Street in Manhattan for bulk foods but I can't remember if they have spices and their website is down. The 4th Street Food Coop on East 4th Street in Manhattan sells bulk spices:

Juli said...

Ooh, I didn't know about The 4th Street Food Coop! Thanks for the link.

Fix said...

A friend got me some from the Park Slope Food Co-op. You have to be a member, but maybe you can bribe a friend with dinner to get you some.


Eleanor Sabo said...

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