Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reducing plastic...because glass is PRETTY.

This picture is online at The New York Times, in a blog post about "A Week Without Shopping"-- a weeklong challenge on eGullet to live off the bounty already in your kitchen.

Sounds like a great project. But I'm more interested in the picture.

Just look at all those pretty glass jars, filled with bulk staple ingredients. Not a brand name in sight. Only one container made from plastic. And the jars aren't even all matchy-matchy-- they were acquired over time, for free. Now there is nothing wrong with buying matching glass containers-- I lust after a matched set of stackable glass refrigerator containers. What I'm saying is that these don't match and yet it all looks good together.

I hope my pantry looks like that one of these days.

This has nothing to do with saving the planet. I guess my point, if I have one, is that reducing plastic usage is also a quality of life issue.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. And you're making me feel even better about the ten glass refrigerator containers I bought two weeks ago!

Juli said...

I've been wanting containers like that! Soots and Arya are very lucky kitties :)

How much were yours from Container Store? I know Crate & Barrell also has them. Here in NYC we have a sturdyware store called Fishs Eddy that may have them as well. Fishs Eddy is one of my favorite places-- can't resist going in there, just to drool.

Anonymous said...

They were $5.99 each at The Container Store. Which was vastly different from the $11.95 - $14.95 I was finding from online retailers.

Gruppie Girl said...


Someday I hope...

Steven A. Shaw said...

Hey there. I just wanted to let you know, further to your post from February, that we are going to do another eGullet week without shopping starting Monday. When we launch, we'll have a special URL: -- at the moment this will only lead to the February topic but when we go live it will lead to the current one. Stay tuned... All the best, -Steven