Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fondue Dinner Report

Last night's fondue dinner for 6 was a success! Here's what we had:

Pre dinner snack: Valdosta pecans
Green Salad
Classic Fondue (Gruyere, Emmental)
Pesto Brie Fondue
Top Round Steak, broiled and sliced for dipping
Bread, cubed for dipping
Sliced apples & pears
Steamed broccoli, green beans & carrots
Fudge Walnut Brownies
Wine: 2 bottles white, one bottle red, one port

Out of this, there was some plastic:

- Bag that arrived with one bottle of wine (currently contains leftover bread- I am making bread pudding later)
- Bag that arrived with the pecan snack. It is re-sealable so I'll re-use it
- one plastic wine cork
- bag inside the box for the fondue forks; they were individually sealed so I can't re-use this bag
- bag inside the box for the bittersweet chocolate. WHY? I wish I'd peeked inside the box before purchasing- other chocolate comes wrapped in foil!

Considering the amount of food and drink purchased by both myself and guests, I think this isn't too bad. I'm not about to level a 'bring no plastic into my home' edict on guests. It is nice when they try, but I have a hard enough time keeping to the challenge myself, so I'm not expecting it of others.

Finding fancier cheeses without plastic is big for me. I had worried that it would be hard, and now I know it is really pretty easy. That is one good thing about living in NYC-- lots of butchers, cheesemongers and fishmongers, all willing to wrap your purchase in paper if you ask.

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Anonymous said...

It's great that you have solved the cheese problem. I still haven't, so I've been living without cheese or ordering cheesy things now and then in restaurants, where I tend to have a "don't ask; don't tell" policy.

I got fooled a few days ago. I bought a beautiful aged raw milk gruyere from Trader Joe's that appeared to be wrapped in paper. Secretly, I knew there had to be plastic on the inside, but it really really looked like plain paper. So I bought it, for research purposes, of course. It is sooooo good. And of course, the paper is lined with plastic.