Thursday, August 12, 2010

I write comments - Maxell [UPDATED]

Facebook can be great sometimes. I was originally ticked off when so many companies, stores and manufacturers started to put up Facebook pages, but now I realize they made it a whole lot easier to reach out and give them feedback. Today I put this comment up on Maxell's page:

Product Packaging
I purchased a pair of Maxell headphones from Duane Reade drugstore in NYC today. I chose them because I know they are high quality, they were inexpensive, and they didn't come with much packaging.

I care about packaging, especially plastic packaging. Plastic pollution is a global problem that is killing humans, animals, clogging the world's oceans and damaging the planet's environment. I've been reducing my use of plastic (especially single use plastic) for a couple of years. But modern life is impossible without plastic--take headphones, for instance.

Although the Juicy Tunes headphones purchased today came in a small package, there is still a lot of plastic that I'll regrettably have to throw away. Is Maxell working towards green solutions such as using less plastic and less packaging overall? For example the outer plastic sleeve of Juicy Tunes headphones is completely unnecessary.

Will they respond?

Aug. 18 UPDATE: Maxell responds!

Hi Juli -
Maxell is always conscious of our impact on the environment. We are working everyday to reduce packaging and design new and innovative options that utilize earth friendly materials. Maxell has introduced eco-friendly packaging concepts - such as the NEW Maxell Eco box for recordable disc media. This package design will be available in the Canadian market this fall, and we are hoping that US retailers will embrace this new, recyclable design to replace the plastic spindle pack. Thank you for your input and support and we will continue to work towards improving our packaging design for all of our products in order to reduce waste

Aw...why does Canada always get the good stuff first?


daharja said...

Hi Juli - I know. I get so annoyed at this, because I know that the plastic will be around long after the product in many cases!

And don't even get me started on plastic-wrapped bananas and cucumbers? What's a person on a budget to do when the green cucumbers (not plastic-wrapped) are for sale for $3 each, but the plastic wrapped european cucumbers are on special for half that price?

Do I go with the expensive non-plastic-wrapped cucumber, or do I buy the plasticated one?

It's hard. Sometimes I just really HATE manufacturers and marketers.

Sorry, I'm ranting. But I just did my kids Christmas shopping, and am a bit over the whole plastic thing generally!

Kathryn Grace said...

Fantastic! I've never signed on to FB, but that is a good reason to do so. I'm not convinced it's worth giving every little detail of my life to them to use as they please, but a compelling idea nonetheless. Thank you for taking the time to craft so thoughtful, clear and non-threatening a message to the manufacturer.

Simply Green said...

Canada gets everything first because we're on top :) Haha.

Great post, and glad to hear you're getting so many replies to your comments and messages. Congrats!