Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on Ellen DeGeneres and Bottled Water- Online Petition

In addition to a Facebook group, there is now an online petition at Go Petition asking Ellen DeGeneres to cancel her contracts for bottled water, an industry that is damaging to people, animals and the planet.


Please sign the petition and share the link with others.

I do not criticize individuals for their personal plastic choices. But if you are a hugely influential celebrity encouraging your fans to buy single use plastics, that does deserve criticism.

It is especially distressing since Ellen's endorsement of vitaminwater zero goes against her public image as a charming, kind, generous and funny woman who is vegan and loves animals.

Ellen loves a good cause. Discouraging bottled water in single use plastic is an excellent cause.

As you know from my blog, single use plastic is the issue that gets me most. Plastic pollution is a blight that I see daily in my city environment. It is clogging our oceans, killing wildlife in large numbers, and making its way back up the food chain to us. But bottled water has a host of additional problems. Here are a few resources on bottled water, and why it is damaging to people, animals and the planet:

Bottlemania, by Elizabeth Royte
Bottled and Sold, by Peter Gleick

FLOW (For the Love of Water)
The Story of Bottled Water

Plastic Pollution Coalition
5 Gyres
Natural Resources Defense Council

Online Articles:
Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water
9 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water
A World of Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water


Beth @ Fake Plastic Fish said...

Hey Juli, this is great. I signed from my mobile phone yesterday and will work on promoting the petition as soon as I get unpacked and caught up from my trip.

One thing... the petition link is not a link. Make it so. :-)

Juli said...

Thanks Beth. It is linked up now. :-)

Sarah said...

Ellen doesn't care about the environment, animals or her audience. If she did, she wouldn't take those multi-million dollar checks from animal-testing Cover Girl or foul-tasting Vitamin Water. She wouldn't ask her hard-working fans to donate to the $200 million, fraud-plagued Humane Society of the United States. She has been informed by countless animal advocates about HSUS's many fundraising scandals, government investigations and attempts to sabotage No-Kill sheltering.
She now promotes HSUS more than ever.
Ellen is an airhead, a vanity case and an over-exposed phony who jumped the shark a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Behind the bland cheeriness is an angry, greedy hypocrite who will endorse any product if the money and publicity are sufficient. The worst part is her promotion of the fraud-plagued Humane Society of the United States, a $200 million ripoff and scam "charity" that was investigated for Katrina fundraising fraud, has worked to discredit the No-Kill sheltering and its outstanding leader, Nathan Winograd and revolves around the enormous ego of its smarmy, lying con artist of a CEO - Wayne Pacelle.

Ellen is modestly talented at best and way over-exposed. More and more people are catching on.