Thursday, March 26, 2009

Go, Monsignor Strynkowski!

One of my singing jobs is to cantor the Tuesday noon mass at St. James Basilica in Brooklyn. This past Tuesday, Monsignor Strynkowski had the mass and started his sermon by talking about water.

He remarked that bottled water used to be a status symbol, but now it is so commonplace that for someone to NOT carry bottled water seems unusual. That our tap water in New York City has won awards for taste and quality and is just as good if not better than water you can buy in a bottle for many times the price. That the plastic bottles for water consume oil to make and transport, and take up space in landfills, pollute our landscape, don't biodegrade, and are hard to deal with.

Then he moved in to the meat of his sermon, which had to do with the waters of baptism.

AND at the intersessions, we prayed for those who do not have access to safe, abundant and clean water.

It really made my day.

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