Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here we go again

It appears that some celebrities haven't gotten the message that endorsing products that are horrible for the planet is not OK.

"Shh! No one tell me how stupid I look!"

A couple of days ago, Smartwater (made by Glaceau, owned by Coca-Cola) released a video featuring Jennifer Aniston and designed to 'go viral'. I won't give them the satisfaction of putting a link to it here, but a Google search will turn it up pretty quickly.

Glaceau (once again, owned by Coca-Cola) must be reacting to dragging bottled water sales. People are figuring out that bottled water is a stupid waste of money in addition to being horrible for the environment. So they are using the oldest trick in the book, sex- better yet a sexy celebrity- to push their product.

Sigh. I've already put a fair amount of effort into telling Ellen Degeneres that this kind of thing isn't smart. The era of pasting a celebrity's face on a horrible product and thereby making it 'cool' has passed. Who wants to send Jen a reality check?


Bryan Staub said...

Its all about the mighty dollar! Thanks for your information. Bryan Staub
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NYCSubwayGirl said...

Juli I totally agree. I'm so over how lost we are over our images of women as only sexual objects and parts.
Love what you're doing blogged about you

Anonymous said...

What a pleasant surprise for me as I was reading the spots off Mother Jones articles.
Here in my little empire, family and friends think I'm nuts when I go off about over-packaging and arguing with me about having to take their lunches to work in reused bags, waxed paper for sandwiches and heavy glass containers to heat the leftovers up in.
I'm pushing 60 here and was the first granddaughter of a farm wife who took the plastic bread wrappers, after waxed paper wrapping had been replaced with plastic, make strips out of the plastic and crochet them into rugs for the mud room.

I turned into my grandmother at an early age (having the first child) and it delights me to find similar like minded people who are aware of what we are doing to our only home, Earth and our health.
Recycle On!
mooonie in minnesota