Monday, August 31, 2009

Who says I can't find plastic free junk food?

Dear America,

Thank you for paper wrapped ice cream sandwiches. And M&Ms. And Milk Duds.




Fake Plastic Fish said...

Wait. Paper-wrapped M&M's? Really? Where? Not that I care. Yes I do. No I don't. The purple! The people! The M&M's! (You're not talking about that plasticky paper?)

Juli said...

No...the small bags are paper, just like always. I think! I hope! Bigger bags are plasticized, but the small ones look, feel and rip just like paper. The same kind of paper the covers the outside of a roll of Lifesavers.

Fake Plastic Fish said...

Hmm... I've been assuming it's coated with plastic because it's so shiny. Will you hate me if I do some research and find out it's plastic? Maybe I'll be wrong. But then... do I really want to start eating M&Ms again?

Juli said...

Go for it!

Fake Plastic Fish said...

Okay, I have partial info. The jury is somewhat still out but not completely. I called M&M Mars and spoke with "Bill" today. He could not find the exact materials for the package (and we both agreed that I was talking about the small individual serving size that they sell at the check-out counter. Not the minis and not the huge bags.) But he knows they are not recyclable because they are paper coated with some kind of plastic. Which is kind of what I thought. So I guess they rip because they are paper, but they are also plastic and therefore not so great, actually.

Can you get chocolate covered nuts from a bulk bin somewhere? That's my fave M&M substitute.

Juli said...


Well, that's it then. I can no longer press my nose on the glass of the break room vending machine and contemplate my limited options.

Yeah, there are chocolate covered nuts in the bulk section. Thing is, that takes forethought and planning. More than likely if I do the forethought and planning, they'll never make to a 3pm work break because I'll scarf them all immediately.

Well, thanks for doing the research Beth.

OK, what about Green & Black chocolate bars? I can probably score those at the deli downstairs.