Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Honey Facial Wash

After reading about it two months ago at Green Goddess Dressing (including all the comments and the monster thread on the Mothering board), I decided to try washing my face with honey. It is simple, inexpensive, non-toxic, locally produced, AND comes with less plastic than my previous facial cleanser. So there is still a plastic lid, but the jar can be taken back to the green market for re-use.

Guess what? Honey works WONDERFULLY for me as a facial cleanser! I have rosacea, and since I started washing with honey my skin has calmed down a lot. It isn't a complete cure, but my skin hasn't been this smooth in a long time-- and that was when I'd paid a ton of money for laser skin treatments from a dermatologist! Perhaps my skin was reacting badly to something in the generic Cetaphil cleanser from before, or perhaps there is something to the humectant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities of honey. Maybe both. All I know is that my skin calmed way down within the first couple days of use, and it has stayed that way. I still get flushed, but not as badly, and I no longer get those awful pebbly bumps.

This has to be one of the better things to come my way while seeking less plastic options.


Carla said...

I've tried honey facials before and they work fine. The stickiness factor rather gets to me though. And keeping your hair out of it? Arrrgh. Some little strand always works its way lose and into the honey. Ick.

Juli said...

Carla- It hasn't been a problem with my hair. I dampen my face a bit before applying the honey, which makes it less sticky and easier to spread. Sometimes it runs down my forearms and is sticky later if I don't rinse them. I use the honey just the same as facial wash-- put a bit on my damp fingers, massage into my face, rinse. I use with a washcloth for exfoliation once a week or so.