Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weeks 28 & 29 Plastic Waste

Here is my plastic waste for the last 2 weeks:

- 2 shampoo bottles
- 1 hair clip
- 1 pasta bag, 1 window from a pasta box
- 2 plastic cups
- 1 mascara container
- 4 old bug traps

Shampoo bottles: I thought I was out, but found a few more shampoo samples/bottles in my toiletry stash. Bottles go to curbside recycling, caps go to Aveda.

Hair clip: My last one--it got brittle and broke. I wish there was a non-plastic alternative, but for now am using the other hair implements I own: bobby pins, metal barettes and hair elastics. Clip goes in the trash

Pasta plastic: I'm out of pasta except for one lone box of rice lasagna left by my roommate. I'll have to be REALLY jonesing for pasta to eat the rice lasagna! Pasta plastic goes in the trash

Plastic cups: one cup I had hoarded in the kitchen cabinet- I think I used it at a work function in December and brought it home to see if I could re-use it somehow. The other cup is new, and came from my favorite coffee shop. I forgot to say 'to stay, please' when ordering my iced granita. Cups, unfortunately, go to the trash. One is #6, not easily recyclable (unless perhaps I take it to the Park Slope Coop, which is far from me and where I'm not a member). The other, while #2, is still not easily recyclable-- the city only accepts bottles for curbside recycling.

Mascara: It smears and is past old enough to throw out. I'm taking it to Origins for recycling.

Bug traps: left by my former roommate. They are old and no longer effective; I'm not replacing them. I've only seen one roach and a couple silver fish in the last two months-- hopefully things stay at that level. Bug traps go in the trash.


The Green Cat said...


A good tally nonetheless. You are so good at using so little plastic! FYI You don't need to be a member of the Coop to utilize their recycling drop off. I live far from there too (top of Manhattan) but I just save up things for the Coop along with things for 3RLiving and then make the trip once every month or 2 to drop it all off together.

Juli said...

OK, you've convinced me :) I fished out the #6 cup and will save it for an eventual trip to Park Slope! May as well-- I have a paper bag full of stuff to take to WholeFoods, Aveda and now Origins, so it can just go in there for now.

The Green Cat said...

I do the same thing: Keep all the recycling stuff that requires trips in a bag and then sort it out when I'm making a rip. I'm off to WF and Aveda today. Trying to get all eh recycling out of the apartment in preparation for my (eventual) move this summer.

Sikantis said...

This is a great idea to keep the plastic waste so you see what kind of plastic you still use.