Friday, June 12, 2009

Farewell Hair Clip, Hello Chignon.

My last plastic hair clip bit the dust recently and I am left with a challenge: what to do with my mane on bad hair days? (Bad hair days are rampant in NYC right now, what with the umpteenth day in a row of rain and humidity.) The Office Ballcap is a look that never had its day. Ponytails can look polished and grown up on some women, but not on me. Throwing it up in a clip was really easy, but that's just the way the brittle clip crumbles. If I want to avoid buying new plastic, I have to use the tools I already own: hair elastics, bobby pins, and metal barrettes.

Today's solution was a chignon. I taught myself the basics with a video clip here:

...the result is a little Severe Librarian on me, but it worked and didn't fall out all day. I'll experiment with getting a more casual look.


The Green Cat said...

I've got a couple of plastic clips that are about to hit my freecycle pile, if you want them. Yes they are plastic but at least they aren't new!

Juli said...

Thanks for the offer! Tempting. But I have to think on it. Is it better to get used plastic things when my plastic stuff breaks, or seek out less plasticky alternatives?

I think I'll pass this time, explore clipless options for a while and look for ways to achieve quick summer out-of-my-face 'dos with minimal plastic. But there may be a point where I scour FreeCycle for used hairclips :)

I wonder if Goody would consider manufacturing a clip made from sustainable bamboo...I bet they'd sell a lot of them.

Carla said...

You might be interested in a Ficcare, which is all metal but still kind to hair.

The Green Cat said...

Juli: It's a good thing you didn't take me up on that offer. Last night I broke the sturdy barrette I use to pin my hair up in the shower. I considered buying a new one and then decided to try those plastic clips I was going to Freecycle again. Well, they did the trick so I am keeping those plastic clips after all!