Friday, April 23, 2010


Pierre-Alexandre said...

Hello, I'm watching a tv programm in France, which is showing you :-)
it's here !

Very interesting.. It should exist a low to force supermarket to give food to special association.

In france, we have "Resto du coeur" (heart restaurant) invented by a famous french comic, Coluche, who explain to people, 25 years ago, half part of food go to trash, so he began a movement to permit supermarket and food factory to give food to these restaurant which give food to poor people.
Ironicaly, it's probably what avoid a revolution in france...

Angiefrenchy said...

Hello Juli,
I am french, i just saw you on a french tv report, it was very interesting, i have to say i don t think i could do what you do with finding foods in trash but i think it's couragous and good to do it !!!
take care!
Angeline, 26 years old, Nantes, France