Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Plastic Free Deodorant, a Success Story

I started using plastic free deodorant in November and haven't looked back. Here is how it works:

- container (mine is a plastic food container, but a tin would be nice)
- powder puff (my sister gave me one from her house)
- 1 part baking powder
- 1 part corn starch
- spritz of perfume (optional)

It works really well! In fact it works a lot better than the roll-on 'deodorant crystal' I was trying to finish up. I'm just tossing the rest of that stuff out.


Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish said...

Yes! I go around town preaching the gospel of baking soda deodorant and no one ever believes me. Even when I challenge them to smell my pits. :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha there is such a thing as going *too* green. This does sound like fairly good deodorant, but there isn't anything about it that's anti-perspirant, which is the only reason I use store deodorant products. This doesn't contain any aluminum zirconium, so I can't imagine that it would actually stop sweat-- sooo I would still have wet pits. Gross.

Juli said...

@Anonymous- Haha, that is right. Baking soda discourages bacteria growth, so it acts as a deodorant. It does not block pores-- so it is not an antiperspirant. So my pits are stink-free and occasionally damp, and I don't think that is gross. In addition to ditching the plastic deodorant applicator I also don't have to worry about the potential health risks associated with aluminum compounds and parabens.