Thursday, November 5, 2009

Plastic Is Making Us Fat, Part 2

Colin Beavan's blog post today sheds more light on how plastic is making us fat.

And it suddenly occurred to me that only food that is bad for us has any trash associated with it. Only food that is bad for us needs packaging. So I've been thinking about a new healthy eating diet. All you have to do is never eat food that has packaging associated with it and you'll automatically end up healthy and skinny!

Healthier people, healthier planet. Yay! Because it turns out that what trashes the planet trashes ourselves.
Read the rest of Colin's excellent post here.

While science may never figure out precicely how the chemicals in plastic affect us, from making us fat to messing with our reproductive systems, it is pretty much a no-brainer to see that the stuff IN the plastic is, 99% of the time, not good for us.

Eat Naked Food!

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Layla said...

lol!! Excellent point!! :)

I try to stay away from anything in plastics too!! (especially if it's unrecyclable!)

It started when we wanted to eat healthy - basically I realized there was very little in the shop I *could* buy, especially with my allergy to food preservatives as a young kiddie already!!

Things that are still somewhat of a problem to get plasticless/zero waste locally (though we do get some zero waste) are cheese and butter - while one could argue they're not so healthy anyway, for a rather skinny person like me they're still good to eat!

Great blog!! :)