Monday, September 7, 2009


A little bad news/good news today.

First the bad news. There will be a plastic cup and appetizer plate on my next tally. I went to a party yesterday and was feeling a little shy and introverted. I just didn't feel like asking for a non disposable cup or plate--even though it would have been fine. Boo, me.

Now the good news: FETA, purchased with no new plastic! I went to Mediterranean Foods in my neighborhood with a #5 container brought from home. It was my first time at the market and I didn't know if they would have feta cheese that wasn't already packaged in plastic. Not only do they have unpackaged feta, they have several different kinds! The man at the counter was fine with my container from home- I just had to convince him that I didn't need a bag for it, that I could carry it in my hands without spilling the brine.

So now I have the topping for tonight's plastic free feast: Double Broccoli Quinoa

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