Monday, January 19, 2009

First, the good news: Cheddar Accomplished

I bought my first plastic free cheese today, sliced cheddar from the deli counter at my local Key Foods. I asked the counter guy if he could wrap it in paper and not put it in a bag. He said "Uh, OK." And that was it! No hassle whatsoever.

Here is a picture, along with sugar, celery in an Eco-bag purchased at Top Tomato and fresh bread from Artopolis Bakery, one of the many wonderful bakeries in my neighborhood. Plastic free bread is easy around here. What's hard is not stuffing half a loaf in my face before I get home.

Now for the bad news. I am way behind on the tally and know I've lost track of some things. Look for a big catch up tally post soon. It won't be pretty.

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