Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why am I here?

Beth in the Fake Plastic Fishtank sent me. I have been following Beth's blog for a little over a year now, and a few weeks ago she put out a call for more plastic-free bloggers. I can't promise to be any good at blogging, but I can pledge to post regularly. Doing that will keep me accountable to my reduced plastic pledge.

So what exactly is my reduced plastic pledge? I'm still figuring it out. For now, it is to further reduce my use of plastic of all types, particularly the use of single-use plastics. You can't really call them "disposable" when you know they will sit in a landfill for hundreds of years!

Cutting out all single-use plastics won't be possible, of course. They have become a seemingly inextricable part of modern life. But a lot of plastic is easy to avoid, as I've discovered since starting to read Beth's and other plastic reduction blogs. And there are more changes to make, a lot more.

So...here goes!

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